Healing from a Crisis

Healing from a Crisis Ultimately each crisis and the accompanying trauma it creates comes to some type of resolution or end. But the impact of the crisis and the trauma experienced will continue for a long time afterwards, for months and even years. What we do after the crisis individually and together will determine the…

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Think Positively - Mental Health Article

Thinking Positively

Thinking Positively Everyone experiences bad, hurtful and painful situations in their lives. They occur from many different incidents, some from our own actions and some from the actions of others. In some cases we have control over the outcome and in many more cases we do not. It is natural and normal for each of…

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Talking About Suicide

Talking About Suicide September is defined in the US as “Suicide Awareness” month. Many different events and media campaigns are held by Mental Health agencies, schools and other entities to highlight the potential signs of possible suicide actions. Professionals, parents and others in relationship with youth and adults considered “at risk” are provided with tools…

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