Thinking Positively

Everyone experiences bad, hurtful and painful situations in their lives. They occur from many different incidents, some from our own actions and some from the actions of others. In some cases we have control over the outcome and in many more cases we do not. It is natural and normal for each of us to have negative reactions to these terrible situations. When these terrible situations happen it is natural and normal for us to see everything in our lives through negative lenses. This overall negative perception of our life can have long term impact after the challenges have passed. We stop seeing any good or positive aspects of our lives. We forget that we have control over how we cope with challenges even when do not have control over the challenge itself.

Let’s refocus on how we can find positive aspects in every challenge. This will provide us with self-control, personal strengthen, hope and even joy in the most difficult situation.

Look for something positive:

Often we miss a positive aspect in a situation simply because we do not look for it. When we actively seek for something positive in any situation we will find it.

Make a list of positive and negative aspects:

When we write things down we gain perspective on the situation. We have a more objective view and are able to see both sides of the situation. Even when the negative list is very long some positive aspects will occur. Focus on those positive aspects.

Build relationships:

Even in the worse situations we can help each other. When we seek to help others in the same or a different situation we help ourselves and together we create positive results.

Foster hope:

Even when situation seem hopeless changes are occurring which we cannot see or know about. Since we do not know what might occur in the future we can choose to seek positive results bybeing hopeful and optimistic.

Positive thoughts create better health:

When we think in a positive manner we impact our physical and mental health. Feeling better helps us see the positive in any situation which in turn improves our well-being.

Nurture ourselves:

No matter how dire the situation is we need to take care of ourselves both in body and mind. When we fail to care for ourselves we foster greater negative consequences. But when we care for ourselves we foster positive well-being which makes us stronger and able to cope with adversity.

Have faith:

Whether we adhere to a formal religious theology or follow our own inner spirituality
nurturing faith in ourselves and in life will help us find and create positive outcomes in any situation.

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

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