The Stephan Center is an educational services organization dedicated to those journeying through life transitions.

We are committed to providing educational programs, information, and resources to professionals and lay persons as they offer support and understanding to those seeking peace and acceptance in their lives.

A Message from the Director

Whenever we experience a loss of any type we process that loss through a series of steps as we adjust to the change in our life. This process is called grieving. These steps include:

  • Difficulty accepting the loss and trying to minimalize or find alternative explanations (Often called denial)
  • Feeling angry about the loss and blaming other people or events
  • Trying to maintain the old patterns, behaviors or routines before adjusting to the new necessary changes. Often referred to as holding onto the “Old normal” (Called “bargaining”)
  • A period of sadness as the permanence of the loss is realized
  • Acceptance of the changes resulting from the loss

This grieving a loss is normal for all people even while the process will be experienced uniquely by each person. Understanding, compassion and kindness by each person toward each other person will provide needed support while the grief is processed.

In this global pandemic all the people of our world are grieving the changes in our old ways of living even as we make adjustments to save lives and our planet.

We can support ourselves and other by implementing the following:

  • Share our feeling with others and offer caring responses
  • Help each other with necessary tasks and needs
  • Stay connected through social media and other methods to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Think positively fostering hope and well-being
  • Reduce stress through exercise, balanced meals, deep breathing
  • Cultivate spirituality through prayer, meditation, walks in nature, music

Follow us on social media for weekly tips on Mental health. Read articles on this website to find additional support. Together we will create a stronger, safer and secure living environment based on love, compassion , kindness and understanding.

If you need help right now dial 2-1-1 from any cell or land-line phone for immediate Health and Human Service assistance in the county in which you call. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with ‘live’ Resource Specialists to assist you. Learn more about Life losses and transitions for children, teens and adults.

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Walking a New Path

Join us on our next series in Walking A New Path: After Your Spouse Dies.

Healing Through Art

Appropriate for youth in Foster care, out of home place or experiencing loss through death, illness, homelessness, parental deployment, incarceration, deportment, divorce or other loss/trauma.

Live Theatre

The Stephens Center invites children and their resource parents to attend a live and FREE production.

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Our Classes / Programs

FREE Classes for Foster Parents

UPDATED! View our latest list of FREE classes for Foster/Resource parents, Kinship Caregivers and Grandparents. Classes begin November 2023 to June 2024.

CAIRS Webinar – Creating Trauma-Informed Environments for 211 Clients and Staff

Presented on October 20, 2021 by Victoria Stephan, Director, The Stephan Center

Fathers Speaking Out Videos

Fathers Speaking Out is a six (6) video series created with men who are fathering. Three (3) videos are offered in Spanish and three (3) are offered in English. Each session provides both a facilitated video and group discussion around a topic impacting men and the children in their lives. Each session is 90 minutes in lengthen and includes guided discussion questions. Videos are designed to be facilitated by any professional trained in group interactive programs. 

View Online at onlineclasses.thestephancenter.org or purchase directly through us.

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