The Stephan Center was originally incorporated in 1973 under the name The Children’s Preschool. The agency provided direct service as an Early Childhood Education facility for children 2 through 7 years old, offering an alternative approach to the traditional education of the public school system.

In 2004 the Corporate Board chose to redefine the mission of the agency and to change its name to The Stephan Center. The mission of the agency is to provide training, information, and resources to professionals supporting children, adults, and families and to laypersons in need.

We have developed training programs which have seen great success in school districts, faith communities, and local and city government.

  • This website like our training programs, is a constantly evolving resource in the area of bereavement ministry and social services support.

Strategic Initiatives

In 2020-21 the Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Plan for 2021-23 consisting of four initiatives:

  1. Program Development: Become a certified Education Institute , provide CEUs and offer programs electronically through webinars / on line classes
  2. Marketing Plan: Develop a marketing plan that parallels program expansion, targets specific populations and increases website usage
  3. Financial Growth Plan: Increase revenue streams to sustain agency financial needs
  4. Administrative/agency infrastructure: To increase national/international visibilityand service use through social media and electronic program options

Our Board of Directors

We are blessed with a dedicated Board committed to the agency mission and ideals. As defined in the bylaws, all board members are direct descendants or spouses of descendants of Jeannette and Charles M. Stephan.

Those serving on the 2020-2023 Board of Directors included:

Board Chair: William Stephan
Vice Chair: Chuck Stephan
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Wells

Members At Large:

Jordawn Howard
Cherri Coe-Stephan
Matthew Stephan
Matthias J Stephan Ph.d
Nicholas Stephan

Chair Emeritus:

Charles Stephan Sr.

We are grateful for the insight and understanding of the Board members. We look forward to their continued leadership as we implement the five-year strategic plan for the agency.

In Memoriam

Charles and Jeanette Stephan, Mary Ann and Charles "Butch" Stephan, John P. Stephan, Timothy J. Stephan and James M. Stephan. We also wish to remember the following loved ones honored by their families and friends with a donation to The Stephan Center.

* Dr. Emil T Hoffman
* Molly Bernard
* Ross Carlton
* Ed Glass
* Ed Hatton
* Louis Viviani
* Debbie Lione
* Margery Lione
* Barbara Franco Urey
* Erma Kiss Portman
* Ellen Malone
* Marian Manuele
* Tom Stuger
* Barbara Szeczyk
* Robert Sallee
* Nancy Pierce
* Virginia Curry

May we all find peace and comfort in the special memories we hold in our hearts and the knowledge that love never ends.

Butch Stephan

It is with great sadness and a deep sense of loss that we share the passing of Charles ”Butch” Stephan, the first Board Chair of The Stephan Center and the Chair Emeritus for the past few years.

Butch was raised in Canton Ohio and served in the Navy ROTC. He received his BA in Business Administration from the University of Louisville in Kentucky and spent his career in production management with companies in Kentucky, Illinois and Minnesota. His last position, with ITT Shadow, included production projects in Korea and Europe.

Butch married his high school sweetheart, Mary Ann (Ann) and they raised six children. They have 12
grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Ann proceeded Butch in death by 14 years. Together they enjoyed family times and traveling. Butch was married to Rosemary for the past 12 years.

Butch was a sports enthusiast especially enjoying football, and car racing. He enjoyed attending many NASCAR and Indy 500 races with his sons, grandsons and other family members. He was also an avid tennis player.

Butch was the patriarch of the Stephan family and the last of the Stephan sons to pass proceeded by his brothers John, Tim and Jim. He was a strong supporter of The Stephan Center and a dedicated leader as the agency has developed over the past years. His business knowledge, team building skills and commitment to the agency mission provide essential guidance and leadership which will be missed. The agency is dedicated to the memory of his parents, brothers and wife. He will now join those family members who’s lives, values and memories guide the commitment of the agency mission and services.

Rest in Peace, Butch.
We will strive to follow your outstanding example of faith, love, service to others, and family dedication.