Books on Fathering:

1) Loving Our Kids On Purpose - Danny Silk

2) Parenting with Love and Logic - Foster Cline and Jim Fay

3) Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters - Dr. Meg Meeker

4) What to Expect When your Wife is Expecting - Thomas Hill

Resources for Fathers:







Classes/Programs for Fathers

1) Nurturing Fathers

2) Fathers Speaking Out (video series) also online at

3) 24/7 Dad

4) InsideOut Dad  (for incarcerated fathers)

Fathers Speaking Out

This is a video/discussion series designed to create an environment of dialogue for men who are fathering.

Each of the six videos may be utilized individually or presented as a series. Developed for use in school settings, parent education programs, churches, Male mentoring training, Foster parent training. Three video topics are offered in English and three in Spanish.

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