Consolation Ministry Trainings

The Consolation Ministry Program includes the formation of three (3) interconnected and comprehensive Ministries:

Ministry to the Sick:

  • Provides Spiritual support and Communion during weekly home visits
  • Provides assessments of other individual and family needs.
  • Provides referrals to other Church and Community services for additional support.

Bereavement Ministry:

  • Provides support during a death or crisis
  • Coordinates and conducts a home visit
  • Assists the family in planning the Funeral services
  • Facilitates Vigils
  • Provides support at the Funeral for both the family and the Priest/Minster/Church Leader

After Care Ministry:

  • Offers one on one support service to individuals and families for the first 12 months after a death or crisis
  • Provides resources and referrals to a variety of Church and Community programs
  • Coordinates parish-wide spiritual and education events

Each Ministry training includes instructional classes and implementation of the ministry within the Church/Faith organization infrastructure. All trainings are conducted onsite at the Church/Faith organization.

Each Church/Faith organization is assigned a Training Team including a translator, if appropriate. The team supports each Church/faith organization for up to one year.

Ministry development is offered in English, Spanish and Bi-lingually.

To arrange to bring this unique ministry to your Church/Faith organization contact us at:

Phone us at: 951-340-1075

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