In Time of Crisis

Crisis occurs throughout the world from natural disasters such as hurricanes and forest fires but also from man- made disasters such as plane crashes. If we are not experiencing a particular crisis we feel sympathy for those who are and sometimes help through donations or other actions.

However, the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is affecting everyone; young and old, rich and poor, from large and small nations, from every racial and ethnic group. The magnitude and severe impact socially, economically, politically is staggering and the outcome is unfathomable.

Even those professionals who’s field of knowledge this is are not sure what course of action to follow in bringing this to an end and stabilizing the world community. If the experts do not have a well- designed plan to stop the pandemic and rectify the long- term negative impact what can we do in our families and communities?

We think that all people in every community, society and nation can provide effective action leading to long term solutions. We make these recommendations on coping and thriving

  • Stay Positive: While there are terrible and tragic long reaching impacts this will end. Things will be different but we can adjust and move forward together
  • Stay connected: Use all means available to stay connected with family and friends, colleagues and neighbors. Make regular times and spontaneous times to reach out and communicate
  • Follow reliable news updates: Listen to factual news reports by experts and leaders
    at designated times, not constantly. Follow all required directives but do not over -react.
  • Maintain regular routines and schedules for yourself and your family: Follow school and work routines to ensure children are meeting learning goals and adults are meeting work expectations. This will provide security and predictability which increases safety.
  • Foster spirituality through relaxation and calming activities: When we address our personal spirituality through music, nature, inspirational reading we reconnect with our core values and being
  • Be joyful and have fun: When we cultivate fun, humor and joy in our lives we cope with any and all challenges and changes leading to a more peaceful and accepting life.

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