Creating New Beginnings for Healing

Every day we have the opportunity to start again, to create new beginnings and heal from the challenges and losses from the past days, weeks and years. But too often instead of seeing each day as a new beginning we drag the old pain, hurt and trauma with us into the next day coloring new opportunities for new beginnings with dark and negative thoughts, beliefs and actions.

It is hard to let go of the hurtful and painful experiences, especially when we do not always see how positive changes can occur. Too often we do not feel that we have the resources, energy or support we need to create new more positive situations for ourselves. It seems easier to repeat the same activities,
routines, patterns and relationships even when they result in the same hurtful and painful experiences.

But we do have, within each of us, the ability to make the changes, create new beginnings, heal from past hurts and realize the opportunities we want for a more fulfilling life. Little steps will get us moving forward. Moving forward will get us to a new place; inside and outside. Consider these daily actions.

  • Appreciate nature around you every day. See how flowers bloom, animals fly and move and the weather changes with the seasons. When we become aware of the constant change and cycles of nature we realize that we can change and our life has cycles also. Something new is just ahead.
  • Do something you enjoy every day. When we actively seek enjoyable interactions and experiences we increase positive chemicals in our brain. These chemicals improve our ability
    to cope and find pleasure in every day activities.
  • Interact with others, even if you do not know them. Just saying hello to people in passing helps us feel more connected with others. Being more connected helps us see more positive opportunities to interact and belong.
  • Sing and listen to music. Music like nature touches our inner soul and helps us feel peaceful inside. When we feel peaceful we are able to see more positive opportunities. You do not have to sing well. Just sing joyfully!
  • Read and tell stories. Telling our own stories and reading about or hearing others stories validates our own life and helps us realize that we are not alone, our experiences are not totally unique. When we share we both learn from others and teach others. In this way we create new beginnings for everyone.
  • Practice forgiving others and letting go of anger. When we hold on to past hurts and anger we only hurt ourselves. The other person/people has already moved on and probably has forgotten the situations. When we let go of past negative experiences we open the door for new positive beginnings. Forgiving does not mean it wasn’t wrong. It means you will not let it control you.
  • Show compassion. Start by showing compassion to yourself everyday for anything that has happened yesterday or in the past. Start each day with a new positive mindset and watch what happens! New Beginnings and opportunities for healing are all around you!

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