Taking Stock, An Annual Goal

As the new year begins, we often commit to making changes in our lives. After a few days or weeks those commitments fall to the wayside! While our goals may be too ambitious, or we lose motivation and interest the idea of “taking” stock of our lives on an annual basis is a good idea.

The quality of our lives and the stability of our mental health are based on the value we see and feel about our life. Our relationships, interactions, activities, purpose and philosophy all support our outlook and enjoyment. Let’s consider some areas of our lives we can review and “take stock”.

1) Our Attitude: Are we accepting the changes that occur and adjusting our lifestyle to highlight the enjoyable aspects of each stage of our lives? Doing this provides us with a positive focus and brings joy to each activity and relationship.

2) Our Health: Are we can being pro-active in how we manage our health? Are we following nutritious eating, regular exercise, adequate sleep patterns and prescribed treatments, including medication and check- up? Doing so, allow us to be in control and maximize our ability to stay active and engaged.

3) Our Social Activities: Do we have several activities each month that we enjoy and that brings us in direct contact with others? We don’t need to have a “full dance card” to have a fulfilling social life but we do need regular social interactions.

4) Being of Service: Are we providing service to other? This benefits us and those we serve. Service can be occasional or ongoing. It can be from your home or out in the community.

5) Finding Purpose: Do we have a purpose is our life? As human beings we are happiest when we have purpose in our lives; a focus that provides meaning in our lives. Without a purpose we become a rudderless boat drifting aimlessly. This aimlessness can lead to hopelessness, isolation and depression.

6) Spiritual Connections: Do we have a spiritual belief that we are nurturing? Whether through a formal religious affiliation or your own spiritual exploration, as human beings, we are drawn to a spiritual connection.

7) Maintaining Humor: Do we find humor in everyday events, interactions and activities? Humor is recognizing the absurd in the ordinary and pointing it out! Laughing with others about the daily ups and downs in our lives helps everyone cope and provides each of us with important positive physical and mental support.

We suggest that on an annual basis each person should take the opportunity to reflects on their life; what pleases/satisfies them and what they would like to change.

“Taking Stock” and making effective changes helps us stay focused, engaged and joyful!

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