Healing Through the Art

“Giraffes Can’t Dance” is an inspirational story of a Giraffe who believes he cannot dance until one day he finds the music that speaks to his soul. Then he finds that he can dance. Like the Giraffe, most of us believe that we do not have any artistic talent and so we do not explore our own creative talents. We may not become a famous composer, artist, dancer or writer but in every one of us there is a connection to an artistic expression that touches our inner core,
our “soul” and helps us heal from sorrow or tragedy bringing us peace and calm.

We all experience challenges, trauma and sadness in our lives. We encourage everyone to explore different forms of art media, as a way, to find inner comfort, calmness and peace for healing. We offer these ways to connect with a variety of art opportunities.

  • Listen to different types of music to find the style that offers you comfort and a feeling of connection.
  • Read poetry by different poets to see if one poet or type of poetry “Speaks” to you.
  • Look at different styles of paintings and other art media to find the style you enjoy. Find the artist in that style that you appreciate the most.
  • Watch various types of plays and movies to see which story lines and messages
    impact your emotions.
  • Take a class in one of the arts to explore your own creativity such as a writing class, art class, dance class.
  • Visit museums, virtually, to explore various exhibits and displays. Talk with others about what you saw and how you felt.
  • Write your own story; record family and personal stories for your own pleasure and to pass down to family members.
  • Explore nature through walks and drives. Photograph what strikes you as beautiful or unusual. Consider taking a photography class to learn more about techniques

We are surrounded by the beauty of our world; by its colors, sounds and movement. Take the time to see, explore, enjoy and create. Through these activities you will find healing and inner peace.

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

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