The Stephan Center is a service organization dedicated to those journeying through life losses. It provides education and resources to professionals and laypersons as support and understanding is given to those seeking peace and acceptance in their lives.

We all experience a variety of life losses which include separation from important people, places, items or events unique in our life. Our website is designed to help you with loss.

If you need help right now dial 2-1-1 from any cell or land-line phone for immediate Health and Human Service assistance in the county in which you call. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with ‘live’ Resource Specialists to assist you.

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Online Classes are here!! The Stephan Center has partnered with Foster Training to offer classes online.
* Meet your continuing education requirements from the comfort of your home
* Download your certificate
* One low annual fee
* Enjoy The Stephan Center’s uniquely designed courses and many others
To register go to: www.Foster-Training.com  TODAY!

Featured Article – Nurturing Grandparent Relationships: Everyone Benefits!

“We all need to belong to a family-our family. It provides us with a sense of connection,
community and legacy. From the first moments we are born we are seeking that connection with the people who gave us life. Even when our family connections are not successful we still long for the connection and mourn the loss.An important part of this family connection is the relationship between children and their grandparents...

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A message from the Director:

Welcome to our new and improved website.  You may now access the website from all devices. We want to draw your attention to some new features and events:

    • New Classes: Classes for prospective, continuing Foster/Adoptive parents and Grandparents. To find more classes go to What’s New.


– Victoria Stephan

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Mental Health Tip: Build self esteem in others with encouraging words, sincere compliments and shared laughter.


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Sharing Life Losses Together