Wearing A Red Nose: Healing through Humor

In the 1980s a film about a Medical Doctor, Patch Adams,  was very popular. Based on a true story, Patch Adams is a doctor who uses humor and laughter to support healing in patients reducing additional illness by fostering laughter and a positive outlook on life. A professional clown and Medical Doctor Patch Adams is often recognized for his Red Nose and philosophy of humor and happiness. His Gesundheit! Institute promotes healing through humor around the world. What can we learn from Patch Adams and Red Noses?

Research supports Dr. Adam’s believe that humor supports healing and restores health. A variety of research studies have shown that humor and laughter combats fear and anxiety, provide comfort, creates relaxation, reduces pain, boosts the immune system, spreads happiness, cultivates optimism and improves communication..all with a joke or funny story!

So, let’s bring more healing into our lives by actively fostering humor, laughter and fun!

  1. Read a funny story or joke daily to bring laughter into your life.
    Read the “funnies” in  the local newspaper daily.
  2. Share a funny story or joke with others preferable in person or online! 
  3. Watch a comedy movie or TV show regularly to enjoy a good laugh.
  4. Introduce grandchildren to joke telling with child orientated joke books.
  5. Share funny incidents of the past with family and friends. Grandchildren and younger family members enjoy hearing funny stories about parents and family members.
  6. Read humorous stories or listen to them on tape.
  7. Have “joke” night at dinner where everyone shares their favorite joke.
  8. Write down one humorous event that occurred each day to help you find the humor in everyday events.
  9. Wear a plastic Red Nose..just to see people’s reactions!

Humor is Man’s Greatest Blessing.

Mark Twain

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