The Many Faces of Healing

The definitions of healing include the following:

  • To restore to health or soundness; cure;
  • To set right; repair:
  • To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness.

In our society we use the term “healing” in many context, most align with one of the official definitions.

Physical Healing: Primarily we think of physical healing in relation to medical conditions or injuries, minor or major, and we trust that medical professionals have the knowledge, skills and tools to heal our conditions, to “cure” us or those we love and to bring the body back to wellness. We do not want to live in physical pain. We do not want to “hurt”.

We do not want to be restricted in our movement or abilities. This is true even if we have not taken good care of our bodies; when we have eaten poorly, not exercise, place toxins in our system. We do not like the normal process of “aging”. We look for “miracle” cures, easy solutions and ways to fix our conditions. “Fixes” to health conditions is a billion dollar business in our country. We grieve the losses we experience and become angry that we cannot always be “healed” to our level of expectation.

Emotional Healing: In our interactions we also want a level of perfection, of healing, that meets our standards for relationships. This is true in all areas of our lives; from family, friends and in our work environments.

Well being in this context is often defined by what makes us feel loved, cared for, trusting, secure.
When our relationships cause emotional pain we seek to heal those uncomfortable feels much as we try to heal physical pain. We look to professionals for knowledge, skills and tools to help us ease the pain. We seek the same type of “cures” in an emotional realm. We seek solutions through books, counseling, TV shows, support from others and any other avenue we can find that we think will heal the pain and right the wrong we believe we have experienced. We lash out at those who have injured us and often at those trying to offer us assistance.

Spiritual Healing: Spiritual Healing is the third major area in which we seek solution to pain and suffering. It is a complex area for those seeking spiritual healing and for those offering spiritual healing guidance. Because spiritual healing is often less tangible in its concepts and religious origins it is more’ difficult for people to understand. Yet the sense of “well being” is strong and people are driven to seek a type of inner peace which is hard to explain but intense in experience.

There are many spiritual beliefs and philosophies. None in itself is wrong. Each person must find the belief and support that touches, speaks to, their inner being. Like physical and emotional healing there are many types of actions and “solutions” which may be offered and found effective. Each person’s healing tools, healing environment, is unique to them.

Spiritual leaders, directors, mentors like medical and mental health professionals can offer a variety of options but each person must ultimately find their own process for healing. Each of us must be responsible for correcting our own pain and suffering. We have the ability to create our own healing environments. We often need assistance in exploring the options and comfort while we experience the pain but, ultimately, the path to healing is within each of us to obtain.

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