Summer Fun Teaching Life Skills

Many children, especially those in out of home placement, have challenges mastering academic and life skills. Yet to be successful and self-sufficient they need caring adults to take the time to ensure that they do master these necessary skill sets.

The more relaxed summer months make an excellent time for caring adults to access children skills and design activities that allow children to master necessary skills in fun and creative methods.

Some summer ideas include:

1) Reading skills. Help children increase their reading and language skills through a variety of storytelling activities including:

  1. Creating their own stories, writing them down and illustrating them
  2. Acting out fairy tales and learning the script
  3. Playing word games in the car
  4. Finding new words and using them in sentences
  5. Reading directions for cooking or building projects 

2) Math skills Help children understand the number and math concepts through the following games and activities:

  1. Play card games from Crazy 8s to gin rummy
  2. Have children read and measure ingredients for cooking projects|
  3. Let children use rulers to measure materials for building projects
  4. Have children sort common household items for an inventory count
  5. Have children record food prices and create a budget

3) Self Sufficiency skills

  1. Have children of all ages help prepare simple meals
  2. Teach children 8 and older to sort and wash clothes|
  3. Teach children 12 and older to change lights bulbs and other basic household tasks
  4. Teach teenagers to change a tire, switch fuses and turn off water to the house

4) Team Work and Problem solving

  1. Work together as a family to care for your home doing outdoor and indoor chores in teams of 2.
  2. Hold family meeting to plan activities and discuss issues. Find solutions that meet everyone needs
  3. Play card and board games together supporting good sportsmanship
  4. Exercise together with bike riding and outdoor sports helping children master skills and become healthier

It is important to teach skills in age appropriate, fun and creative ways so that children will enjoy learning and increase their skills and confidence.

Have a fun summer!!

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