Love Never Ends

February celebrates Valentine’s Day and Healthy Hearts month. Both events involve love; love of others and love of self. To continue to love and care for others in our lives we need to take care of ourselves, doing the things that keep our hearts healthy: eating the correct foods, exercising, reducing stress, being mentally and physically fit. Healthy hearts month celebrates taking care of ourselves.

Valentine’s Day celebrates the love we share with others; romantic love, family love and friendship. While it has become a commercial venture promoting the giving of flowers, chocolates, cards, romantic dinners and other gifts the sentiment remains the same…
to tell the important people in our lives that we do love and cherish them.

But what about those we love who are no longer with us physically; spouses, children, parents
siblings, other relatives and friends? How do we continue to show that our love for them is still strong? For on Valentine’s Day we do remember them and we do still love them because, LOVE NEVER ENDS.

To quote a famous poet, “Let us count the ways” that we can express our love for those we always remember and love….

  • Make Valentine’s Day a celebration of the activities you enjoyed sharing together
    and choose one of those activities to do with family members or friends.
  • Host or coordinate a family or friends dinner sharing food, stories and companionship
  • Make a donation or volunteer with a project or cause supported by your loved one
  • Attend a special memorial or prayer service with others
  • Share stories with the younger members of your family or shared friends.
    Sharing stories, skills and talents honors their lives and continues each person’s legacy with future generations
  • Smile as you recall special memories and the love you experiences and continue to experience in your relationship…. because LOVE NEVER ENDS!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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