Expand Your Knowledge—Read a Book

“The benefits of reading start with the first book a baby hears and continue into childhood and throughout the child’s life.

Here are the 10 Benefits of Reading – the Top 10 reasons why reading is important and why children – and adults! – should read often and widely.

  • Kids who read often and widely get better at it
  • Reading exercises our brains
  • Reading improves concentration
  • Reading teaches children about the world around them
  • Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills
  • Reading develops a child’s imagination
  • Reading helps kids develop empathy
  • Children who read do better at school
  • Reading is a great form of entertainment
  • Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind

(Best- Books- for- Kids.com)

With the development of kindles and the convenience of online books and libraries everyone should read every day.  BUT we don’t! We watch Television, we text, we email but we DO NOT READ for enjoyment.

As the adults we need to model reading to children, all children in our families, communities, schools, and organizations everywhere we go—everywhere we are. BOOKs should be in our homes, our cars, our pack backs, our diaper bags, our brief cases—EVERYWHERE!!

So Start TODAY!! Make time to read every day.

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