2022 Resolutions in a Continuing Pandemic

It is January of a new year, 2022. In most years it is traditional to define a few resolutions we wish to accomplish, which are usually abandoned by Valentine Day! 

But what about this year? 
2021 continued to be another unusual year as the world struggled with the pandemic and various variations of the initial COVID -19. Our lives continued to be turned upside down which create an avalanche of other issues and challenges. 
Can we take the most important lessons we learned in 2021 and make them resolutions for 2022 that we will maintain? We believe that we can and offer these lessons for permanent incorporation in our lives, families, communities, countries, and the world.

  1. The importance of following medical guidelines for everyone’s safety.
    2021 provided us with breakthrough protection through vaccinations, booster, and pills to control and survive the COVID infections.
    Let’s make a commitment to utilize all methods of protection for ourselves and others.
  2. Being kinder and more accepting toward each other: We have learned during the pandemic the importance of being kind to one another, accepting each other and
    offering support and assistance.
    Let’s continue to be kind and accepting of all people as a part of our daily interactions.
  3. Showing gratitude to those who provide important services: The pandemic has helped all of us realize how important not only medical professionals and first responders are in our lives but also those in retail, farming, transportation, hospitality.
    Let’s continue to be appreciative of all those who make our lives safe and pleasant.
  4. Offering comfort to those experiencing loss and grief: The pandemic has taken a major toll on lives and families across the world. We have all become more aware that families experience loss and grief every day.
    Let’s continue to be sensitive to the loss experienced by others and offer consolation and support on a regular basis.
  5. Supporting practices and conditions that save our planet and respect all persons who reside on it with us. The pandemic has shown us that we are truly a world community and that what impacts one part of the world impacts the whole world.
    Let’s learn about climate conditions, implement conservation practices, treat others with dignity and respect, as we wish to be treated, so our global community is united.
  6.          We can create the world in which we want to live, let’s continue to do so in 2022!