FREE 2022 Classes for Foster/Resource Parents

FREE Virtual Workshops for Foster/Resource Parents including Kin-Care and Grandparents  In partnership with Riverside City College. Meets State licensing requirements. Certificates of completion provided.


May 11 10am-12pm Virtual Family Dynamics and Visitation
May 18 9am-11am Virtual Family Dynamics and Visitation
May 19 10:30am-12:30pm CNUSD Parent Center When Parents Go To Prison
May 23 6pm-8pm Virtual When Parents Go To Prison
June 6 6pm-8pm Virtual Positive Social- Emotional Dev
June 8 10am-12pm Virtual Understanding Anger
June 15 9am-11am Virtual Teaching Compassion to Children
June 16 10:30am-12:30pm CNUSD Parent Center Building Supportive / Nurturing Environments

To register, contact The Stephan Center at 951-310-4944 or by email at, or complete the form below.

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